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Portable Toilet Pros in Whitehall, OH offers residential and commercial porta potties for excellent prices. Call 800-593-6710 to start. Our dedication to quality is unmatched in the Whitehall, OH porta potty rental business. We dedicate ourselves to supplying our customers in Ohio with the cleanest and most advanced portable toilet rental facilities available. Portable Toilet Pros in Whitehall offers a full line of specialized porta pottys to match your exact demands. Whatever your portable sanitation needs, rely on our experts for quality, value and dependability.


Services by Portable Toilet Pros

It does not matter if you need 1 rental for a weekend, or 20 portable toilets for a construction site in Whitehall, OH, we can help you. We have portable toilets and porta potties for any celebration. Our track record in Ohio is significant to us. We will never give you a porta potty that is in bad shape and not in its top condition.

After each occasion our professionals in Whitehall, OH clean all the porta potties carefully to make sure they’re more than perfect for our next customers. When you call us, we’ll take care of everything. You do not need to stress any longer. Contact Portable Toilet Pros right now at 800-593-6710 and find out about the different kinds of portable toilets we have available.

Cost-Effective, Dependable, and Hassle-Free Portable Toilet Rentals

There are lots of portable toilet rental companies in Whitehall and locating which one you want to rent porta pottys from can be a hassle. While it really can be easy, there are really more factors involved than only calling a rental organization and ordering the porta potties. Every event is different and that’s why we have many kinds of porta potties for each event. Our objective at Portable Toilet Pros is to help you achieve yours. We want you to have the correct number and type of portable toilets for your event.

We will help you locate the best spot to place the porta pottys so that individuals will not have an issue finding them. Portable Toilet Pros provides a cost-free consultation for anything regarding portable toilets. If you reside anywhere in Ohio, you can call our telephone number number at 800-593-6710, and we will happily answer any concerns you have. All of our porta potty rentals are individualized to match our customer’s needs in Ohio. Give us a call at 800-593-6710 and talk with one of our porta potty rental representatives in Whitehall. We would like the chance to earn your business.

Portable Toilet Sanitary Standards in Whitehall, OH

At Portable Toilet Pros, we are fully committed to supplying portable toilets in Whitehall which meet all local sanitary specifications and rules. When you rent a portable toilet from our Whitehall office, it’ll have at least 30” by 48” of front floor area and a toilet seat height of no more than 17”. A 60” turning area offers plenty of room for moving around and makes every portable toilet completely accessible. You’ll find hand washing basins in each model that has a standard 6.5” depth. Whether you need a portable toilet with just these base components, or want other comfort features, you’re able to be confident that your unit will meet Ohio specifications. Contact us at 800-593-6710 to learn more about the various components and features of our porta potties in Whitehall,OH.

Portable Toilet Pros’s porta potties rigorously adhere to the Internal Placement and Design Regulations in place by the ADA as required for portable toilets. The porta potty entry door opens to the outside to ensure it doesn’t obstruct the floor space, as stipulated by ADA regulations. Our models satisfy the requirements for forward and side reach measurements, at 48” and 54” respectively. At the most a 24” reach is recommended for any obstacles inside the unit. Hand washing basins have an easy to reach height of no more than 34” in our portable toilets. All portable toilets should also have hand rails that are 1.25” -1.5” in diameter and is fastened 1.5” away from the wall or the toilet. These hand rails are consistently put in three feet above the floor. And lastly, the toilet tissue must be positioned 19” from the bottom.

Here at Portable Toilet Pros, we’re committed to maintaining all sanitary specifications and codes. Adhering to these regulations are our main priority. Our Ohio customers know they can rely on us for safe porta potties that comply with all portable toilet rules. We’ll be glad to let you know more about the models we offer. Just call us at 800-593-6710. Every one of our models offer these fundamentals, but we’ve got a selection of variations for added convenience. In addition, we have many kinds of porta potties for every occasion. We provide portable toilets that are ideal for any event in Whitehall, OH.

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